Saturday, 7 January 2012

Usrah Bersama Imam Muda Hassan

Yesterday my family and I (except Syaimaa) attended usrah at my aunt house in Country Heights, Kajang. The usrah started at 8 pm and we were the first family to arrived (pheewwh ingat ke lambat! I hate being late). For the first session Ustaz Fauwaz talked about Peace and Jihad in Islam and after an hour listening to his ideas, explanations, and criticism on the topic, Imam Muda Hassan finally came!

He came in smiling(seorang yang sangat murah dengan senyuman), gave salam and apologized for being late (aawww how polite of him). He introduced himself (hello, we already know who you are haha) and then continued with his tazkirah. 
I would like to share two interesting points I gathered from listening to him:

1) From at a very young age, he has always loved the Al-Qur'an (I guess I am not too late for this). He also recited a few verses of the umul kitab and hearing his voice secara LIVE sungguh mengasyikkan dan menyusuk kalbu :D He also told us that he is now doing his masters in Al-Quran studies(WOW! Hebat).

2) A story he quoted about a man named Junaibid who lived during the prophet's time. Junaibid was not a very good looking man. Nobody wants to marry him or took him as a son-in-law. In fact not only his existence was not noticed by anyone but his absence also was not missed. On several occasions Rasulullah SAW visited him and asked why he was not married. In his humble tone he said, "who would want to marry me, just look at me".

One day, Rasulullah SAW brought him to a sahabat's house and offered Junaibid as his son-in-law. He and his wife totally rejected him. However when the sahabat's daughter heard their conversation, she told her parents that she is willing to marry Junaibid because she strongly believe that whatever suggestions that come from Rasulullah SAW is good and will always have a blessing in disguise.

They were married, but not long after that Junaibid mati syahid. The wife remarried to a wealthy handsome man. In fact, there were so many men who were interested to marry her. 

Lesson learned -  the wife obeyed what Rasulullah SAW requested even though she was not in love with Junaibid, but her iman was very strong and dia percaya apa yang ditawarkan oleh Rasulullah adalah yang terbaik dan sebagai ganjarannya Allah SWT gave her a better husband in replace of Junaibid.

Here are some pictures from last night event:

Chatting with ayah. Oh my, how cute is he when he smiles? Senyum, tak perlu kata apa apa...

With auntie Muhaya & Nora (Samuderaaaaaa!) *My super duper selekeh shawl. Great!
The GREEN goblins :D lol

Umi, who are you gawking at? Imam muda la tu. Haha
Awww comelnya Sophea pakai shawl. GERAM!

I am the middle child so I'm standing in the middle at the back row. It's a coincidence. (Tiba-tiba rindu nak tengok Malcolm In The Middle). ^-^

   Photographs taken by Yours Truly :)

*Bila semua orang senyum, dunia tiada penyakit :D


  1. Glad to see you're having a good time. And I like the posts related to the ustazah. Maybe we can meet up and discuss about Islamic stuffs. =)

  2. Thanks Yap. I had a great time that night! Of course we can meet up but we have to find the right time to do so. I would love to discuss Islamic stuffs with you. Thanks for viewing my blog Yappy :D Tc

  3. greatt laaa :)
    dr muhaya! u knowww~ i like her speech! teringin sgtttt nakkk jumpaaaa....