Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hidayah Allah

I was listening to radio IKIM (one of my mom's favourite radio station) this morning and the invited guest was an ustazah who shared an interesting story that touched me deeply about one of her students from her school. Her student (a UPSR candidate) went up to her one day and said,'Ustazah, please pray for me to get 5A's in UPSR. If I achieved 5A's my mother promised that she will do anything I say or buy anything I want'. In reply the ustazah said, 'InsyaAllah. I will always pray for the success of my beloved students. If you managed to get all A's in your exam, what would you ask from your mother?' The student answered, 'I will ask her to cover her aurat. That is what I want from her and that's why I need to get 5A's in UPSR so she will fulfill my wish. Please ustazah, do pray for me.'

I learned that Allah SWT has the right to either give or not to give anyone His hidayah in whatever way. From the story above I know that Allah gave His hidayah to the child. The moral of the story is always pray to Allah SWT to give us His taufiq and hidayah :)

 *Maha Suci Allah...

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