Tuesday, 10 January 2012

With Every Difficulty There Is Relief

Last night I was reading a book entitled 'The Power' written by Rhonda Byrne. The author has such a positive outlook on life and in her book she showed us the perfect way to an amazing life and how we can look at life from a completely different angle. I would like to share something she wrote in her book (for those who have not read it) which I thought was very motivating and inspiring. 

A woman who was abused by her husband for twenty loooooooooong years of marriage suffered difficulties in handling life; financial problems plus raising her children alone. Although she was abused and faced much hardship in life she did not view her problems negatively or allow anger, revenge and hatred conquered her feelings. She never said bad stuff about her ex-husband but instead she talked, imagined and gave positive thoughts about the things she loved and her dreams of traveling to Europe and to find a perfect, loving husband-in replace. Eventually the woman finally met her new perfect prince charming. They got married, moved to her husband’s home in Europe which had eye-catching scenery facing the ocean and they lived happily ever after. So like fairytale! :)

The moral of the story is although the woman suffered, she viewed the suffering positively and did not complained about it. Instead, she visualized what she loved and wanted in life and by doing so God gave her a beautiful life that she had been dreaming of. 

As a Muslim we must always remember one of the verses in surah al-Insyirah which says 'with every difficulty there is relief' (‘setiap kesusahan pasti ada kesenangan’). 


*Think something that you love in the person who upsets you. You will feel much better and can easily forgive him/her. It works every time!

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  1. seseorang yang mengaku dirinya penulis, sebenarnya tidak tahu apa-apa pun tentang apa yang ditulis, sehinggalah dia sudah mula menggarapnya di kertas atau skrin komputer. Seseorang penulis tidak tahu takat maka bakatnya, sehinggalah ada pembaca (termasuk pengkritik), terasa terpanggil untuk memberikan komen (tak kira puji atau keji). Dek2 memang ada bakat menulis. Jangan sia-siakan. Gunakan untuk manfaat insan. Syabas!