Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Best Workout Songs

Hello! Assalamualaikum :)

Wow it's been ages since I last updated my baby blog. That's a looooong sleep. Well she needs her beauty sleep too. Just like us humans :) Finally, my final exams are over. WAR is over! My first semester of my first year in IIUM has ended! Alhamdulillah! All the exams, assignments, presentations and quizzes are officially over! Yahooooo! Let's PARTY!!! *Cey, baru satu sem habis kau dah kecoh nak celebrate, lol :p 
Now I am on my two weeks holiday. What the fish?! Two weeks je? Okay ramai pula yang pakai the word 'fish', kali ni kita tukar jadi 'rabbit'. What the rabbit? Sounds better? Cute sikit bunyinya. Eh apa aku merepak ni? Haha :D 
Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard me. 
Two damn short weeks. *SIGH

So, I woke up early this morning (wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, hehe), had breakfast and terus mengahadap acer. Lama gila tak berblog. For my new entry I wanted to share about the best workout songs that will pump you up and can make you exercise harder. I'm one of those people who has to listen to music when exercising. Wajib wajib! Without a doubt, music is one of the best ways to help couch potatoes (cough cough) to boost up their immune system by exercising. So, I started going on the treadmill again. Plus, I added some additional exercise too, berpandukan buku Rosemary Conley. 
Naik treadmill sambil menonton one of my favourite movies of all time, Lord of the Rings (oh, I just can't get enough of Legolas). At first it was alright but later it got a bit boring. I thought I need something to keep me going. Something that can help me to stay energized as I walk fast or jog on the treadmill (no sprinting, not ready for that yet). So I decided to add music to my workout. So here are some of my workout songs:

For the warm up, start with slow songs first.

These few fast beat tracks will take you up to the next level. From dance songs to climbing tunes! It inspired me to work and push harder and make exercising more fun! 
K-pop songs are a very good option.

"Listen to my heartbeat. It's beating for you!"
"Sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega meonjeo..."

*I think my left brain won't function no more. Thanks to my first semester. It was super duper HECTIC I tell you! I need another one month of holiday to recover :p Have a nice day people! :)

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