Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Oh My Oatmeal!

Hello. Assalamualaikum :)

Salam Ramadan Al-Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there. Happy fasting yo! Alhamdulillah, I just started fasting today; the fourth day of Ramadan. 
Since I was on my P, I couldn't go to the mosque/surau with my family to perform terawih prayers secara berjemaah. Boohoo! Inilah lumrah bagi kaum wanita yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Hehe :D

Moving on, yesterday I accompanied my friends berbuka puasa since it was our first day fasting together. It was fun + kecoh, lol. We were like kids, moaning and complaining of how hungry, thirsty, tired and sleepy we were (blame the afternoon classes!) and kept looking at the time to see how many hours left till Maghrib. Ladies, if you're reading this, lets change for the better okay. Better in time, better in worship and obeying Allah, plus, to seek His pleasure so we will not regret at the end by wasting our precious time in this beautiful month of Ramadan. InsyaAllah. Mari kita bersama-sama berubah ke arah kebaikan. Mari! Mari! Mari! (my super duper annoying voice) :p haha. 
Friends are like our second family when we are away from home. Agree? Susah payah kita bersama :)

I bought some lauk pauk at the food bazaar to eat with my oatmeal. I am replacing rice with oatmeal and eating it with different kinds of lauk pauk :D Yeah you heard me, OATMEAL with LAUK! Seriously, it's much much MUCH better than eating oatmeal with milk, honey, yogurt, fruits and etc. although some people would prefer to do so. Whatever it is, I'm loving eating oatmeal and it has proven that a bowl of oatmeal can help lower our cholesterol and reduce weight. Other benefits of oatmeal are, it can prevent breast cancer, help to stabilize your blood sugar level, special antioxidants for heart protection and it can also boots our immune system. In conclusion, OATMEAL is 100% healthy and is good for YOU and your heart (buat suara excited macam dalam iklan-iklan tv) :D

Juadah berbukaku:



*Ku mengharapkan ramadan kali ini penuh makna, agar dapatku lalui dengan sempurna...


  1. ramadhan bulan kegembiraan. ketika berpuasa, lalui dengan penuh kegembiraan kerana kita diberikan nikmat hidup dalam Islam & berpeluang merasai nikmat danb hikmahnya oleh Yang Maha Esa. p/s kalu boleh tukar background song tu kpd lagu nasyid yang best2 molek benar, sambil2 baca artikel yang 'penuh gembira' ketika berpuasa :-)

  2. wow puasa pun makan oat. nanti balik raya semua orang tak kenal adik haha. teruskan usaha anda :D