Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tako Freak

My love for Takoyaki...

I pretended like I was texting someone when I snap these pictures.
*Pandai aku cover :D

My takoyaki photography:

I have passion for photography you see. I'm not a pro but I'm learning.
I just love taking pictures!

 Du du du du du... I'm lovin' it! Goodbye Mcdonals! :p

 Chicken & Cheese. Can you see the sliced chicken?

With boiled octopus inside. My favourite!

 Prawn dumplings!

 *I haven't tried Unagi or Abalone Slice lagi. There's always a next time...

*I am actually quite interested in food photography. Anyone willing to hire me? Anybody? :D

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  1. food photography sounds delicious and smells like money